CLF Hercules

Der CLF Hercules ist ein innovatives Konzept, das überlegene RGBWAUV Farbmischung, intelligentes Design und die Anpassung des Abstrahlwinkels durch das exklusive Smart Filter System® verbindet. Speziell ausgewählten hochwertigen LEDs schaffen tiefe, satte Farben mit einem hervorragenden Weißabgleich und einer außergewöhnlich glatten Projektionsfläche. Durch den garantiert flimmerfreier Betrieb ist der Hercules sehr gut für TV-Shows, Theater und Firmenveranstaltungen geeignet.


    • 30° beam angle
    • Solid housing
    • RGB AW UV Colour mixing
    • Clear menu structure for DMX, stand-alone, manual control
    • Smart Filter system ®
    • Double bracket for hanging and standing purposes
    • Unique CLF camlock system
    • ‘Flicker free’ for camera use
    • Colourful & intense colours due to specially selected LEDs
    • Wireless optional

The CLF Hercules is an innovative concept which combines superior RGBWAUV colour mixing, smart design and adaptable beams through the exclusive Smart Filter System®. Specially selected high quality LEDs provide deep, saturated colours with an outstanding white balance and the exceptionally smooth projection.  Guaranteed flicker free operation makes the Hercules suitable for tv shows, theatre and corporate events.

Through the Smart Filter System®, users can adapt the shape and beam angle by inserting specially designed filters. Even elliptical filter sets are available.
The unique shape of the Hercules prevents cables to be in sight lines. The fixture has a double bracket so it can be placed on the floor or mounted to truss structures by using the unique CLF quicklock system.  This hanging system is easy to use and time-saving.
A clear LCD display on the back of the Hercules gives access to all settings, including different dimmer curves. Controlled by DMX, the Hercules offers extensive colour temperature control and a pre-programmed FX engine. Standard the Hercules comes with 5p XLR connectors, but can be easily swapped to 3p XLR using the supplied board.
Available accessories are a detachable snoot, barndoor and a Wireless Solution W-DMX™ receiver.

All in all, the CLF Hercules is the perfect choice for professional and high demanding users.

UVP € 550,- zzgl. 20% USt


DMX channels 6,8,12/HSV/HSI channels
Lens opening angle 30º
Power supply 110 – 240 VAC
Power consumption Max. 105 Watt
Cooling Low noise regulated fan
DMX connection 3 or 5p XLR in & out
Measurements 303 x 260 x 205 mm (hxwxø)
Weight 5,5 Kg
Certification mark CE
Article number 156170
Including * Power cable


  • CLF Camlock clamp #875760
  • CLF Wireless upgrade set #156131
  • CLF Hercules SNOOT black # Q3 2015 available
  • CLF Hercules BARNDOOR black # Q3 2015 available

Hercules measurements